Have you ever asked yourself why you wear socks everyday when going to work or elsewhere?

Well, there are many health benefits associated with wearing a pair of socks.

Here are the top four health benefits associated with wearing socks: 

1) They help prevent odour

Mostly when we are running, walking or even seated behind our work desks, our feet normally generate a lot of sweat. It is estimated that our feet have a high number of sweat glands which release a huge amount of sweat and if this is not absorbed properly, the results will be smelly shoes and feet. Wearing socks however helps with the absorption of the sweat which in return helps prevent the unpleasant odour.

2) They provide extra cushioning to the feet

Our shoe insoles do get worn out and this makes the shoes hard and uncomfortable at times. This hard surface can be bad for your health and should be avoided at all cost. While at it, although replacing the insoles will be a great idea, wearing quality socks will also provide an extra and much needed padding to the feet thus protecting from injuries and friction to the feet.

3) Socks prevents against some diseases

Diseases or infections such as fungal and athlete’s foot are very common for many people. These can be very uncomfortable and costly to treat but wearing quality socks will go a long way in preventing against them. You should however wear socks made of material that effectively absorbs the sweat to keep the feet dry thus lowering the risk of getting some of these infections.

4) They help keep your feet soft

Wearing socks will help keep your feet smooth as they protect you from elements such as dust. Normally, many people who do not wear socks experience the hardening of the feet which results in eventual cracking. However, wearing socks will help prevent against this thus keeping the feet healthy and pretty.

Additionally, always make sure that your socks are clean and dry before wearing them so as to prevent against bacterial growth and bad odour.